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MCM / ICM 2016

MCM / ICM 2016

MCM / ICM 2016

Five teams from the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics, Institut Teknologi Bandung, took part in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) and Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM) 2016. Each team consists of three students who had to propose solutions to open-ended problems within four days. The contests began on 28th of January 2016 at 8.00 PM EST and ended on 1st of February, at 8.00 PM EST. During this 96 hours, it was strictly forbidden for the team to seek help from advisor or anyone else, except from the members of the same team.

MCM and ICM are annual events that are organized by Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) in USA. There were three type of problems for each MCM and ICM Contests and each team could only choose one problem to solve. All the five teams from ITB chose different problem so none of them worked on the same problem.

MCM 2016 was followed by 7421 teams which originate from USA, Australia, Canada, China, Finland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mexico, Scotland, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, and UK, whereas ICM 2016 was followed by 5025 teams which originate from USA, Australia, Canada, China, Hongkong, Indonesia, Singapore, and UK. Based on team’s report, organizer categorizes the title of each team into “Outstanding Winners”, “Finalist Winners”, “Meritorious Winners”, “Honorable Mentions”, “Successful Participants”, and “Unsuccessful Participants”.

For the 2016 contest, from the five teams that were sent, one team successfully obtains Meritorious Winner, two teams obtain Honorable mentions, and the other two teams are successful participants. The detailed are as follows

Team 1 (Meritorious Winner, Advisor: Dr. Kuntjoro Adji Sidarto):
Problem: A Hot Bath
– Aditya Firman Ihsan
– Evan William Chandra
– Stefanus Mahendra Kusuma Djati

Team 2 (Honorable Mentions, Advisor: Dr. Nuning Nuraini)
Problem: The Goodgrant Challenge
– Salsabila
– Go Felix
– Elsa Puspita Silfia

Team 3 (Honorable Mentions, Advisor: Dr. Nuning Nuraini)
Problem: Are We Heading Towards a Thirsty Planet?
– Evellyn Verity Mesak
– Galih Pradananta
– Rifadina Kamila Yasmin

Team 4 (Successful Participants, Advisor: Prof. Dr. Edy Soewono)
Problem: Space Junk
– Ziyad Syauqi Fawwazi
– Daniel Saragih
– Fariz Fahmi Fikri

Team 5 (Successful Participants, Advisor: Dr. Mochamad Apri):
Problem: Measuring the Evolution and Influence in Society’s Information Networks
– Felita Ariella Mustika
– Aholiab Tegar
– Yanuar Bhakti Wiratama

More detailed information can be found from http://www.comap.com/undergraduate/contests/mcm/contests/2016/results/
We congratulate the teams for their good works and results!

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