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Doctoral Program in Mathematics

The Doctoral Program in Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences ITB, offering a higher education programs for  PhD degree in pure and applied mathematics. It is one of the best graduate programs in mathematics in Indonesia. The Program is the largest of its kind in terms of student body and the breadth of programs offered.

In Mathematics Doctoral Program ITB, students explore and do research in mathematics at the forefront of science, with the aim to make a significant contribution to mathematical sciences. The main activity in Mathematics Doctoral Program is independent research under a team of supervisors.

Duration : 3 years, 6 semesters



Compulsory Course    : 34 credits

Elective Course           : 6 credits

Total                             : 40 credits

The Curriculum of Doctoral Program in Mathematics is implemented in four stages :

  1. First stage : At this stage,  students are required to attend a number of courses, including Qualifying Exam. The courses should support the PhD research topic and also as preparation for Qualifying Exam.
  2. Second stage : At this stage, students are required to prepare a research proposal.
  3. Third stage : At this stage, students are doing research and are required to regularly report their progress. They can also take a few courses that will support their research. At this stage they also write down the results of their research as a dissertation and as scientific papers for publication.
  4. Fourth stage : At this stage, students complete and defend their dissertation.