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Master Program in Mathematics for Teaching

Master Program in Mathematics for Teaching ITB is a formal academic higher education program which has the objective to improve the professionalism of the participants as a mathematics teacher at school. This is done by improving participants’ competence in mathematics and related aspects in learning.

In general, graduates of this program is expected to be a math teacher who has the attitude and competence as follows: Professional attitude (open, willing to keep learning, conversation) that shows the pioneering and leadership, and can act as an agent of change; a comprehensive mastery of math materials relevant to mathematics is taught in schools, so that participants will be able to teach it properly; mastery of the principles of mathematics learning in order to develop effective methods of teaching mathematics.

Course Structure

No Code Course Name CP
Semester I
1 MA5117 Argumentasi dan Pembuktian Matematika 3
2 MA5147 Geometri Euclid 3
3 MA5157 Combinatorics 3
Total 9
Semester II
1 AK5217 Kecakapan Matematika 3
2 MA5227 Teori Suku Banyak 3
3 MA5287 Statistics 3
Total 9
Semester III
1 MA6017 Project 1 3
2 MA6118 Pembelajaran Matematika Sekolah 3
3 MAxxxx Elective course 3
Total 9
Semester IV
1 MA6018 Project 2 3
2 MAxxxx Elective Course 3
3 MAxxxx Elective course 3
Total 9

Elective Courses

No Code Course Name CP
1 MA6019 Exploration in Problem Solving 3
2 MA6027 Exploration in Agebra 3
3 MA6037 Exploration in Analysis 3
4 MA6047 Exploration in Geometry 3
5 MA6048 Function and Geometry 3
6 MA6049 Symmetry and Transformations 3