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Research Grant

Research Grant

  1. DIKTI International Publication Grant “A Note on Dedekind Modules“.
  2. ITB Research Group Grant “Characterization of prime and maximal ideals of skew polynomial Rings over a Dedekind Domain”.
  3. DIKTI Fundamental Research Grant “Study of Structures of Invariant Subspaces Induced by Factorisation of Pairwise Comparison Matrices Arising in Multicriteria Decision Process
  4. DIKTI Fundamental Research Grant 2009 “On Path Coalgebras and Path Algebras“.
  5. DIKTI Graduate Research Grant 2009 “Efficient Algorithm for Determining Elliptic Curves Suitable for Cryptography“.
  6. ITB Research Group Grant 2009 “Elliptic Curve Weak Class Identification for the Security of Cryptosystem”.
  7. ITB Research Group Grant 2009 “
  8. Generalization of the HNP Ring and its Application”.

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