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10~18 Nov 2014: SEAMS School

10~18 Nov 2014: SEAMS School

The South East Asian Mathematical Society initiates the SEAMS School of Mathematics as a series of intensive 7-day workshop. The purpose of this school is to provide opportunity for undergraduate as well as master students to have an advanced learning experience in mathematics, and to introduce a research-based learning.

The Algebra Research Group ITB and Himpunan Peminat Aljabar (HPA) will organize The SEAMS School : Module Theory and Its Applications with following details.

Date: November 10-18, 2014
Place: Institut Teknologi Bandung

Objectives of the School

  1. To introduce students to the fundamental theories and research in module theory and and its applications in coding theory.
  2. To provide young researchers with sufficient knowledge and background to start their research in module theory.
  3. To facilitate contacts between mathematicians working in these areas and the students coming to the School.

The School will introduce students to module theory and its applications that will stimulate a good research atmosphere in Indonesia in particular. Such atmosphere also make an improvement to the quality of our undergraduate and master programs due to studetns’ high involvement. This School facilitates an opportunity to meet outstanding speakers/researchers from other countries. This opportunity is very rare and expensive to happen in Indonesia. This opportunity is very likely to induce further and new directions of research. Several new linkages and cooperation will occur as well.

The school will focus on the following courses :

  1. An Introduction to Module Theory. Speakers : Sri Wahyuni, Irawati.
  2. Primeness in Module Category. Speakers : Nguyen Van Sanh, Indah Emilia Wijayanti.
  3. Module Representations. Speakers : Intan Muchtadi, Dellavitha Nasution.
  4. Introduction to Coding Theory over Finite Modules, Speaker : Aleams Barra.

Organizing Committee :
Intan Muchtadi, ITB (ntan[at]math.itb.ac.id)
Hanni Garminia, ITB (garminia[at]math.itb.ac.id)

This SEAMS School is supported by CIMPA – IMU – FMIPA ITB.
More information : www.math.itb.ac.id/~ntan/seams-school

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