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Algebra is a branch of mathematics concerning the study of structure, relation and quantity. Elementary (highschool) Algebra provides an introduction to the basic ideas of algebra, including effects of adding and multiplying numbers, the concept of variables, definition of polynomials. Algebra is much broader, algebra covers working with symbols, variables and set elements. Addition and multiplication are viewed as general operations, and their precise definitions lead to structures such as groups, rings and fields. The research program of Algebra Research Division ITB covers the fundamental research with emphasis on the development of the theory of module with categorical approach, and the applied research with emphasis on the application of algebraic structures in control system, cryptography, coding theory and other areas. Workshop on Teaching Algebra and Workshop on Research in Algebra are organized and held annually in alternating since 2011. Algebra Research Seminar is held weekly, as an opportunity to exchange ideas between young algebraists.

3 Mar 2014: Dr. Yann Palu from Universite de Picardie

A talk by Dr. Yann Palu from Universite de Picardie, Amiens France in our monthly “Mathematics Seminar” with following details. Title: Cluster algebras and representation theory Date: Monday, March 3, 2014 Time: 15.00 -16.00 Place: Ruang Rapat Gedung Matematika Labtek III ITB (ITN, Labtek III Building, Ruang Rapat) Abstract : Cluster algebras were introduced by […]

27 Dec 2013: Colloquium: “Evidence Logic: Mathematical Structure and Applications”

Algebra Research Group ITB will organize a  colloquium which entitled “Evidence Logic: Mathematical Structure and Applications”   with speaker Prof. Don Faust Mathematics and Computer Science Department Northern Michigan University on Friday, December 27th 2013 Time : 09.00-10.00 AM Venue : Ruang Seminar 1.2, Mathematics Building, Labtek III ITB   Abstract is available here.

16~17 Dec 2013: Dr. Hai Dinh from Kent State University USA

Algebra Resarch Group ITB and Combinatorial Mathematics Research Group ITB will organize “Lecture Series on Codes over Rings” with following details. Speaker: Assoc Prof. Dr. Hai Dinh, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Kent State University USA Date: Monday and Tuesday, 16 and 17 December 2013 Time: 08.30 -12.00 Place: Mathematics Building Labtek III ITB Abstract : […]

30 Nov 2013: Algebra Seminar

The ALGEBRA RESEARCH GROUP ITB together with The APPLIED ALGEBRA AND ANALYSIS GROUP, NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH ALLIANCE, UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MALAYSIA will organize a one day “Algebra Seminar” on Saturday November 30, 2013 at Mathematics Building ITB. Schedule: 8.00 AM-08.15 AM : Opening Speech 8:15 AM–8:35 AM : Assoc Prof Dr Nor Haniza Sarmin͞ “NON-COMMUTING GRAPHS OF […]


ALGEBRA SEMINAR ALEXANDER ZIMMERMANN  Professor Alexander Zimmermann from Universite de Picardie, France,  will give series of talks :   Algebra Seminar Wednesday, February 20th and 27th, 2013  Time : 15.00 – 16.00  Place : Ruang Seminar I.1, Mathematics Building, Labtek III ITB    Workshop Research in Algebra Saturday, February 23rd, 2013  Time : 9.00 -16.00  Place : Sawunggaling Hotel    Seri […]

20 Feb 2012-7 May 2012: Weekly Algebra Seminar

Algebra Research Division ITB will organize a weekly Algebra Seminar, every Monday 15.00-16.00, at Ruang Seminar I.2 Gd Matematika Labtek III ITB. Schedules :   February 20, 2012 : Mulia Astuti, Integral Hyperstars February 27, 2012 : Aditya Purwa Santika, Subalgebra of Center of Group Algebras March 5, 2012 : Nopendri, Composite Finite Field with Normal Basis […]

20 Apr 2012: Seminar Nguyen Van Sanh

Algebra Research Group ITB have been organized an Algebra Seminar Friday, April 20th 2012 Time : 13.00 – 15.00 Place : Ruang Seminar I.2, Mathematics Building, Labtek III ITB Speaker : Prof. Nguyen Van Sanh, Mahidol University Thailand Title : On FBN-modules, IFP-modules and Jacobson Conjecture On FBN-modules, IFP-modules and Jacobson Conjecture Nguyen van Sanh […]

29-30 Juli 2011: Workshop Pengajaran Aljabar

KELOMPOK KEAHLIAN ALJABAR ITB bekerjasama dengan HIMPUNAN PEMINAT ALJABAR mengadakan “Workshop Pengajaran Aljabar Persiapan Menuju Olimpiade“ Jumat-Sabtu, 29-30 Juli 2011 Tempat: Gedung Matematika ITB Jl.Ganesha no.10 Bandung Pembicara : Ahmad Muchlis,Ph.D, Kelompok Keahlian Aljabar, ITB Dr. Indah Emilia Wijayanti, Dept Matematika UGM Tujuan : Membangun kemampuan pemecahan masalah melalui perkuliahan Aljabar Linier dan Struktur Aljabar […]

30 Apr 2011: Semnas HPA 2011

Algebra Research Group ITB will participate the Seminar Nasional Aljabar, held by the Indonesian Algebraic Society (Himpunan Peminat Aljabar-HPA) in cooperation with UNPAD Bandung on Saturday, April 30, 2011 Place: Jurusan Matematika UNPAD Deadline abstract submission : April 15, 2011 more detail : http://www.math.unpad.ac.id/semnasmath-aljabar/media.php?module=home