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A Short Course on Random Graphs

A Short Course on Random Graphs

The Short Course on Random Graph was held by Combinatorial Mathematics Research Group on August 13th, 2018 at Institut Teknologi Bandung. This course was presented by Dr. Aamir Shahzard who is an Assistant Professor in Faculty of Information Technology, University Central Punjab. The Short Course’s materials were Random Graph Models, Properties of Random Graphs, Threshold  Probabilities of Properties, Method of Moments and Evolution of Random Graphs. The course was attended by 30 students and lectures of Mathematics Dept. of ITB.

A study in random graphs has been an interesting topic in Graph Theory. As the number of vertices tend to infinity we would like to know whether certain property will appear or disappear. One of  well known theorem in this area was Erdos-Ko-Rado (EKR) Theorem, which gives bound on the size of the maximum intersecting family of the subsets of ground set that directly related to Kneser Graph. In the last session of the course, the participants discussed about the stability of Erdos-Ko-Rado Theorem. (aap)


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