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International Virtual Course : Islamic Financial Mathematics

International Virtual Course : Islamic Financial Mathematics


ITB International Virtual Course: Islamic Financial Mathematics
Date: 16 – 21 August, 27 – 28 August, 3 – 4 September 2022

Registration: 18 July – 12 August, 2022
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Novriana Sumarti, PhD. (ITB – Indonesia)
Dila Puspita, PhD. (ITB – Indonesia)
Nordiana Rosdi, MSc. (UiTM – Malaysia)
Sarah Nadirah Mohd Johari, MSc. (UiTM – Malaysia)
Muhammad Hazrani Abdul Halim, MSc. (UiTM – Malaysia)

This course contains an introduction to Islamic economics (Mudharabah and Musyakarah investments), Islamic bank balance sheets, Sukuk investments (bonds), and other investments. The material will be equipped with some detail calculations, so that mathematical modelling with optimization of one or several variables can be built using these existing equations. Other topics are annuities, conventional loans and bonds. This course is offered to undergraduate students in Indonesia and overseas.

Course Schedule can be seen here

For more information visits here
Contact: financesyariah.math.itb@gmail.com

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