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Statistical Analysis can be described as a study of sample spaces which is based on either field or σ-algebra. The determination of probability measure is constructed by a certain field or σ-algebra. At ITB, Statistics Research Division put emphasis towards the applied side of Probability Theory and Mathematical-Statistics. Some recent research include topics in space-time analysis, copula, hidden-Markov models, financial time series, reliability process, statistical process control, statistical inverse problems, general insurance, bio-informatics, geo-statistics, warranty. In the past and at present, some members of the Statistics Research Division had and have (research) collaborations with The Insurance Bureau, Indonesia Ministry of Finance; financial institutions and insurance industries. The Statistics Research Division also conduct workshops, including training for (statistics) laboratory assistants in order to improve their knowledge and skill in Data Analysis. Two workshops on Data Analysis (WDA) and Dependency Variables (WDV) will be held annually in the future. Another future program is Undergraduate Student Statistics Competition (USSC).

ITB Statistics Seminar Series & Join Research Focus Group Discussion

  KK Statistika, Program Studi Matematika ITB Mempersembahkan ITB Statistics Seminar Series dan Join Research Focus Group Discussion dengan topik (1) “Analisis Spasial Gempa melalui Semivariogram Anisotropik”  (Dr. RR. Kurnia Novita Sari) (2) ” Pemodelan-Ruang-Waktu dengan Konstruksi Bobot Spasial menggunakan Pohon Pembangun Minimum” (Dr. Utriweni Mukhaiyar) (3) “”Analisis Multivariat pada Data Korosi” (Sapto Wahyu Indratno, Ph.D., […]