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Calculus World Cup: Results

Calculus World Cup: Results

A team of Undergraduate Program in Mathematics students (Muhammad Al Kahfi, Yusuf Hafidh, and Hendry) was ranked third in the final round of Calculus World Cup (CWC) held on April 8, 2016 in National Taiwan University. The CWC was hosted by National Taiwan University and one of the most renowned Taiwanese startups BoniO Inc. The competition kicked off […]

A new PhD graduate

A new PhD graduate

Dr. Amrullah has successfully defended his dissertation on Thursday, 3 March 2016. Dr. Amrullah started his PhD candidature in 2011 and was supervised by Prof. Dr. Edy Tri Baskoro, Dr. Saladin Uttunggadewa, and Dr. Rinovia Simanjuntak. His dissertation “Partition Dimension of Subdivided Graphs” contributes several new results in Graph Theory. Dr. Amrullah is a lecturer […]

Publication since 2005

International Journal  P. Astuti and H. Wimmer, Characteristic invariant subspaces generated by a single vector, Linear Algebra and Applications, vol 470 (2015) 81-103.  P. Astuti and H.Wimmer, Characteristic subspaces and hyperinvariant frames,  Linear Algebra and Applications, 482(2015), pp. 21-46.  P. Astuti and H.Wimmer, Hyperinvariant subspaces of locally nilpotent linear transformations,  Linear Algebra and Applications, 486 (2015), pp. 469-474  A. Barra and H. Gluesing-Luerssen, MacWilliams Extension Theorem and The Local Global Property for Codes over Frobenius Rings, Journal of Pure and Applied […]

Calculus World Cup

A team of UPM students: Muhammad Al Kahfi, Yusuf Hafidh, and Hendry was ranked third in the Preliminary Round of Calculus World Cup 2016. The final round for Top 12 teams will be held in the National Taiwan University on 8 April 2016. For more information, refer to http://cwc.pagamo.com.tw/.  

Research Grant

DIKTI International Publication Grant “A Note on Dedekind Modules“. ITB Research Group Grant “Characterization of prime and maximal ideals of skew polynomial Rings over a Dedekind Domain”. DIKTI Fundamental Research Grant “Study of Structures of Invariant Subspaces Induced by Factorisation of Pairwise Comparison Matrices Arising in Multicriteria Decision Process“ DIKTI Fundamental Research Grant 2009 “On Path […]