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Industrial and Financial Mathematics

We focus on mathematical modeling and simulation of problems that are arisen not only from mathematics itself, but also from industry. We develop an active and strong network between mathematicians and users of mathematics in solving real problems through mathematical modeling. We provide mathematical and numerical courses on finance, optimization and control theory, fluid dynamics, and mathematical biology that are offered to any graduate and undergraduate students of ITB. Workshops related to certain topics in applied mathematics and industrial problems through IMW (Industrial Mathematics Week) are held regularly. We are actively involved in developing interdisciplinary networks between mathematician and other professionals or scientists in solving real-world problems using mathematical modeling. Several linkages have been developed for many years with our partner institutions. For instance, the group has collaborated intensively with Research Consortia OPPINET (Optimization on Oil & Gas Pipeline Network) and FinanMOS (Financial Modeling, Optimization, and Simulation). Both research consortia are conducted by PPMS (Center for Mathematicsal Modeling and Simulation) ITB.