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Combinatorial Mathematics

We envision to be one of leading research divisions for combinatorics and graph theory in South East Asia region. We conduct researches on the cutting-edge problems in combinatorics and graph theory and carry out the implementation to various applied (real-world) problems. Promoting the use and the importance of mathematics in today’s life is also our mission. Our research focus are on (1) graph extremal problems: degree/diameter problems in di(graphs) and Ramsey theory and its generalizations/variations, (2) various aspects of graph labelings and colorings, (3) distance-related concepts in graphs, (4) combinatorial designs and association schemes, (5) random graphs, (6) coding & cryptography, and (7) combinatorial applications in real-world problems or other fields. We actively conducted prestigous international conferences and workshops, such as IWOCA 2001, IJCCGGT 2003, IWOGL 2004, ICGTIS 2007, CIMPA School 2009, IWONT 2012, ICGTIS 2015, and DiGUbud 2016. Graph Masters Workshop, an annual informal forum, has been regularly conducted since 2010. We have active and productive collaborations with the University of Newcastle Australia, Tohoku University Japan, Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences GC University Pakistan, University of Twente Netherlands, Technical University of Kosice Slovakia, University of West Bohemia Czech Republic, and Polytechnic University of Catalonia Spain. Recently, we initiated the establishment of the Electronic Journal of Graph Theory and Applications (EJGTA).