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3~7 Jan 2008: Marubayashi’s visit

3~7 Jan 2008: Marubayashi’s visit

Professor Hidetoshi Marubayashi from Naruto University Japan came to visit on January 3rd-7th, 2008. 
He gave three talks whose titles are : 
   1. A Krull type generalization of HNP rings (Friday 4th Jan, 9.00-11.00) 
   2. Non-commutative valuation rings (Friday 4th Jan, 13.30-15.30) 
   3. Partial skew polynomial rings (Saturday 5th Jan, 9.00-11.00) 
These three talks were more-less about : HNP rings, idempotent ideals, cycle (for idempotent ideals), semi-prime Goldie rings, localizable, Dedekind rings (commutative and non-commutative), Maximal orders, Noetherian, Invertible ideals, Skew polynomial rings (Ore extensions), Classical orders, Commutative Krull rings, Skew formal power series rings, P.I.rings (polynomial identity). 

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